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Balcony awnings - types 530 and 630

markiza tarasowa typ 530 WAREMAmarkiza tarasowa typ 630 WAREMAmarkiza tarasowa typ 530 WAREMAmarkiza tarasowa typ 530 WAREMA

WAREMA terrace and balcony awnings - types 530 and 630 -

are universal, have a lightweight and stable construction and, at the same time, are available at reasonable price. Carefuly tested construction elements of joints and handles of our awnings can provide you with  satisfactory long-term effects.

This type of awnings can be installed both, on a terrace and on a balcony.

Balcony awnings
are attached to the wall with brackets, ceiling or rafters. Number and size of the mounting brackets depends on the ground base to which the awning is fixed.

Balcony awnings
are the simplest awnings on the market.

Balcony awnings
unfold by straightening out its arms made ​​of drawing aluminum profile with internal tension spring, designed to provide a quiet operation.

--->Technical specifications of WAREMA awnings - types 530 and 630:

Technical specifications

Maximum width

Type 530: 600cm(2 arms)                                
Type 630: 650cm (2 arms), 1300cm
(4 arms)

Maximum reach
Type 530: 300cm
Type 630: 350cm
Maximum angle
Type 530: 85°
Type 630: 45°
Arms Type 530: aluminum cast
Type 630: elements made of of high resistance drawing aluminum

Arms carrying load

Type 530: elastic tape
Type 630: chain or steel cable

markiza tarasowa typ 630

Mounting wall, ceiling, rafters
Colors of aluminum elements
Type 530: powder varnished in white RAL 9016
Type 630: 50 colors RAL standard, full range of colors for an extra charge
Fabrics 100% branded acrylic - resistant to light, weather conditions and tearing. Due to impregnation, the material is also resistant to dirt, rot and it is breatheable. The fabric is made of high quality treads gore-tex - colors Other available materials in fabrics
Valence 18 cm height, shape according to 6 designs; valence trimming
Joining elements
bolts, caps, pads are made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion

--->Detailed technical information on our awnings: types 530 and 630

awning type 530 technical description

awning type 630 technical description

--->Additional options available:

Additional equipment available




1. Rainhood closed from the side (intended to protect the awning from rain and wind)

2. Casing of a winding shaft


3. Light rail LED


4. Set of radio speakers


5. LB version - reach longer than the width with the maximum angle of 20 ° and the valence 27 cm




6. Electric heater (quartz heater will provide warmth on cold days)



7. Screw in valence


no yes

8. Wolantowa blind (available length 50/100/150/200/250 cm)

no yes

9. Gear angle (can change the setting of the angle of the awning with a crank, at maximum width of 600cm of the awning and reach of 350cm)


no yes

Detailed information concerning additional equipment

----> Available awning drives:

1. Manual drive enabled by a crank yes

2. Electric drive with a limit switch, 230 Volt, controlled by an internal wall switch (standard)


3. Electric drive with a hand crank for emergency operation - NHK


4. Set - radio-controlled motor with remote control EWFS yes
5. Control of WMS ( Warema Mobile System) with wind sensor and remote control ( wind sensor is built into the front bar ) yes

6. Solar drive (awning's motor is powered by solar batteries additionally equipped with a wind sensor )


7. Insolation measurement station ( this driver controls the awning depending on light intensity and wind speed, by sending commands directly to the motor)


8. Control station Wisotronic Dialogue (driver controls the position of the awning depending on the weather conditions )


More information on available drives and automation in the systems control section.

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